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  • Five awesome hacks to make this summer's festivals even more fun!

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Five awesome hacks to make this summer's festivals even more fun!


It’s time to grab your tent, put your wellies on and let your hair down in a field of likeminded, fun-loving people – that’s right, it’s festival season! This weekend marks the official start of every music-lover’s favourite time of year as bands take to the Glastonbury stages to entertain thousands of fun-hungry campers – and it’s so exciting! Here at Poundworld Plus we have a few amazing festival hacks to make sure your weekend is totally mindblowingly immense.

Get to the front!

You can do this without wasting the whole day staking out a place at the railings and it’s ridiculously easy if you know how! One option is just good old fashioned politeness – you’ll be amazed how many people kindly shift out of the way to let you through if you just say please! However, if that doesn’t work then there’s the slightly less moral tactic of pretending you’ve lost someone. Wandering through the crowd looking upset and shouting a random name works wonders as people feel sorry for you and make room so that you can be reunited with your missing friend (how badly do you want to get to the front?)

Think before you camp!

Setting-up camp near the toilets, a walkway or a stage might make your tent a little easier to find and leave you in a convenient location, but the negatives can outweigh this one small perk. The disadvantages of being near the loos are obvious so we’ll spare you the details of that one, but another reason not to pitch your tent near a popular area is to avoid camping in a mud bath. Areas that get a lot of footfall soon get swamp-like and no one wants to camp in a swamp.


There’s nothing worse than losing your friends in a crowd of thousands, so if your group does split up, make sure you stick with at least one other person – it’s no fun spending hours searching for a needle in a haystack!

Be prepared!

Take plenty of spare clothes in case you get wet because there’s absolutely nothing worse than soggy socks! Even if the sun is blazing when you set off on your adventure, there’s no guarantee that it will stay that way so don’t take any chances or you could end up cold, damp and wanting to go home like a total wet blanket.

Channel your inner kangaroo!

Obviously you shouldn’t leave any valuables in your tent, which means you need to take them with you when you’re mooching around the festival. The most popular way of doing this is with a back-pack, but in big crowds this makes you a prime target for mean pickpockets on the prowl for phones and cash. If you’re using a backpack in a crowd, wear it on your front! No one will steal your stuff when it’s literally right under your nose!

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