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  • Have a terrific Teddy Bears Picnic for FREE with these fun ideas!

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Have a terrific Teddy Bears Picnic for FREE with these fun ideas!


Today’s the day the teddy bears have their picnic - that’s right, it’s Teddy Bears Picnic Day and here at Poundworld Plus we’re having lots of fun in the sun with our fluffy friends!

Kids can have a lovely time treating their favourite soft toy to a fun-filled picnic in the park or garden, and it doesn’t need to cost a penny – just a bear and a blanket! There are lots of great games to play that, with a little imagination will make any child’s teddy bears picnic a huge success.

Pass the Teddy

Children and teddies sit in a circle and pass around a small bear as the Teddy Bears Picnic song plays. When the music stops, whoever is holding the bear is out and the game continues until there is one person (or bear) left and they are crowned the winner!

Teddy Hide & Seek

Kids will have fun searching high and low when you hide a teddy somewhere around the house or garden. Just like with traditional hide & seek games, the child who finds the bear’s secret hiding place wins.

Teddy Race

This is a fab game to play outdoors. Kids simply line up at the start line with their favourite teddy placed between their knees. The winner is the first child to hobble across the finish line with their bear still safely in place between their knees.

Teddy Tigs

This game is much the same as traditional tigs, where one player is ‘it’ and chases the other players in order to catch them and make them ‘it’ instead. The only difference is that in Teddy Tigs, the person who is ‘it’ pretends to be a grizzly bear and when they catch someone, they give them a big bear hug!

So you see, if you go down to the woods today there are lots of fabulously fun and free ways to have a terrific Teddy Bears Picnic with the family! If you need to brush up on the words to the Teddy Bears Picnic song, why not have a look at these lyrics so you can join in and sing-along?

Teddy bears picnic lyrics from Bargain Buys

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