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  • Meet Poundworld's stars of BBC1's Pound Shop Wars!

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Meet Poundworld's stars of BBC1's Pound Shop Wars!

Chris Edwards – Founder and CEO

Pound Shop Wars - Chris Edwards

Having come from humble beginnings on a Wakefield market stall, Chris is the heart and soul of the company. He spends the majority of his time at Poundworld HQ, but frequently visits the stores to meet the teams and make sure everything meets his extremely high standards!

Other than Pound Shop Wars, Chris’ all-time favourite TV show is ‘Only Fools And Horses and his comedy hero is Del Boy. Having both started on a market with empty pockets but a whole load of determination and grit, Del Boy and Chris has more in common than you might think!

Talking about Pound Shop Wars Chris says: “It’s always a bit strange having a film crew come into Poundworld to shoot Pound Shop Wars but we soon get used to it. I hope that viewers will enjoy this insight into what goes on and how hard everyone at Poundworld works to bring big savings every day to shoppers all over the UK.”

Alice Edwards – Chief Tea-Maker and Mystery Shopper

Alice won the hearts of viewers in series one with her direct remarks and loveable personality. As Chris’ mother Alice is in the office bright and early every day to make the CEO his tea and toast each morning. She also likes to carry out surprise visits to Poundworld stores to check everything is tip-top, taking on the role of mystery shopper and reporting back to her son at HQ.

“Poundworld is very important to us as a family. I’ve been involved from the start and think I always will be in one way or another!

“Chris works so hard, making his breakfast is really the least I can do to make sure he’s eating properly and has the energy to make all his big business decisions.

“I enjoy being filmed for Pound Shop Wars and it’s a great opportunity for people to see how one of the country’s favourite retailers actually works.”

Pound Shop Wars - Alice Edwards

Cheryl Galloway – Trouble-shooter

Cheryl is Poundworld’s feisty trouble-shooter. She visits our stores to give advice and in some cases tells them exactly where they’re going wrong so that standards can be kept as high as possible throughout the entire store network. Her no-nonsense approach means Cheryl takes no prisoners and has helped to improve Poundworld stores all over the UK. In episode 1, Cheryl worked wonders at our Scarborough store, transforming a chaotic store in to a pound paradise!

Pound Shop Wars - Cheryl Galloway

Duncan Tiller – Cardiff Manager

Pound Shop Wars captures an exciting time for Duncan as he is the manager of Poundworld’s brand new flagship store in Cardiff. The store is all set to be huge success but as opening day looms, problems begin to arise and it’s down to Duncan to get everything sorted in time as crowds gather outside eager to start shopping.

Pound Shop Wars - Duncan Tiller

Ian – Burnley Store Manager ‘the grafter with laughter’

Ian has recently been promoted to store manager (congratulations, Ian!) He has been with the company for over three years and is loved by staff and customers alike. During the first series of Pound Shop Wars, viewers also fell in love with the positivity he approaches his job with every day. Throughout the documentary he can be seen busily scurrying around his store, taking immense pride in his work and greeting everyone with a cheery smile!

Pound Shop Wars - Ian Gilbert

Nicola Bartram – Buyer

Nicola is Chris’ trusted Buyer and works against the clock to get stock that Poundworld customers will love. It’s down to her to make sure the company can cash-in on sudden crazes before they fizzle out and become old news. In this series viewers will see Nicola in a race against time to buy enough loom bands to satisfy loom-mad customers – with £1million at stake it’s a big gamble, but will it pay off? Later in the series, Nicola can also be seen battling it out for the latest Frozen merchandise as it continues to fly off the shelves.

Pound Shop Wars - Nicola Bartram

Nigel Goodhead – Sales Manager

Nigel is Chris’ man on the ground, travelling far and wide to secure big deals for the wholesale side of the company. Nigel has been part of the Poundworld family for over three years as part of the Discount Wholesale team at HQ. He's a larger than life cheeky chappy who idolises David Beckham and has the gift of the gab.

Pound Shop Wars - Nigel Goodhead

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