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  • Wimbledon is here - Get your family active with Poundworld Plus!

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Wimbledon is here - Get your family active with Poundworld Plus!


One of the biggest sporting events of the year begins on Monday as the best tennis players in the world grab their rackets and take to the famous courts of Wimbledon. If that doesn’t inspire you to get outdoors and get active, then maybe our fantastic range of fun sports equipment will!

Here at Poundworld Plus we have something for everyone, no matter what their age or sporting ability. This means that the whole family can have a fun, healthy, active lifestyle this summer.


If Wimbledon has got you fancying a game of tennis, we’ve got you covered. Most can’t boast that we have a tennis court in our back garden, but lots of parks have fab tennis courts that you can use for free! Tennis is a great sport to play as a family, especially if you play doubles! Why not make things interesting by playing parents vs kids?


Football is a good family sport because it can be played pretty much anywhere! Although having an actual football match can require lots of energy, the game can be easily adapted to suit younger children and older adults – a family penalty shootout challenge is sure to get the competitive juices flowing!


Basketball is another high-energy sport but it can make a nice alternative to football and encourages kids’ hand-eye coordination in a fun and active way. Basketball can’t be played in quite as many places as football but it’s another game that can be easily changed to suit different ages and fitness levels.


A game of skittles can be played by anyone, anywhere! It’s perfect for playing outdoors in the sunshine but can also be taken inside if the weather takes a turn for the worse. People of all ages can have fun bowling, making it a fab game for the whole family to enjoy together.

Tennis set from Poundworld Plus

2-Player Tennis Set £3.99

Football set from Poundworld Plus

Football Set £7.99

Basketball set from Poundworld Plus

Basketball Set £19.99

Bowling set from Poundworld Plus

Bowling Set £3.99

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